In this volume: Announcing the Center for Clinical Research Advancement; Notes from Tina DaSilva, Executive Director, and Dr. Megan Bair-Merritt, CSO; Research Spotlight on InfoEd Proposal Routing Automation; Research Education seeks input and has two suggested resources; updates across teams; and more.
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Research Matters | Furthering Scientific Innovation and Discovery

Volume 6  |  August 2023

Hello Desiree, 

Center for Clinical Research Advancement Emerges as New Name for Re-Branded Clinical Trials Office and Clinical Research Network

In a strategic move aimed at amplifying BMC’s commitment to pioneering medical advancements, the Clinical Trials Office and Clinical Research Network has been re-branded and re-envisioned as the Center for Clinical Research Advancement (CCRA). This shift comes as part of a broader initiative to spotlight BMC’s pivotal role in driving healthcare innovation and to underline its dedication to promoting cutting-edge research that benefits our patients and community. 

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The CCRA is poised to bring about an era of enhanced collaboration, innovation, and transformative medical breakthroughs. With a refreshed purpose and a forward-looking perspective that is grounded in health equity, CCRA aims to provide centralized support services that increase opportunity and promote financial growth of clinical research discovery and innovation occurring at Boston Medical Center. Led with community engaged values, the CCRA is committed to integrating partnerships between researchers and research professionals, community partners and patients, research sponsors and academic collaborators to co-create the next generation of academic medicine. Key initial initiatives include creating a Research Feasibility Review Workflow, Participant Reimbursement Reform, Diversity in Research Workforce Development, and Corporate Indirect Rate Analysis.

The new name embodies our dedication to not just conducting clinical trials, but to truly advancing the field of clinical research regionally and nationally. The center’s revitalized identity underscores the critical importance of research in shaping the future of healthcare, and the potential for its impact on countless lives worldwide. With its new name and vision, the Center for Clinical Research Advancement is poised to be a driving force in accelerating clinical research at BMC.

Thank you, 
Tina DaSilva
Executive Director Research Operations 

Dear Research Community, 

Happy August! I hope that folks are enjoying this month which often is a bit of a rest before the busyness of Fall kicks in. I am looking forward to a vacation with my family (my husband, 17-year-old daughter, and 20-year-old son) in the last part of August.

I am delighted that our research leadership team is expanding, which will increase our capacity to accelerate research growth and to support all of you. Dr. Manish Sagar, Professor of Medicine and Microbiology and Attending Physician in the Section of Infectious Disease, will join us in September. He will be leading efforts around catalyzing the work of our basic and preclinical scientists. His experience as an HIV researcher and prior leadership and mentorship roles will make him a valuable member of our team, and we are excited for him to join.

In July, Vivian Onyechi joined us as a Senior Project Manager. Vivian grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and attended the University of Massachusetts Boston for her undergraduate education, where she studied Exercise and Health Science. She then attended Northeastern University to pursue a graduate degree in Project Management. Vivian is interested in quality improvement, research, and global health.

With this new infusion of wisdom and energy, we are busily planning fall initiatives: a research town hall to share works from our investigators; an in-person speed mentoring network meeting for our researchers; gatherings for our T32 trainees; and larger, centralized supports for our research community. As always, please reach out! We want to hear from you about your successes and challenges as we continue to grow together.

Thank you, 
Dr. Megan Bair-Merritt
Chief Scientific Officer

Research Spotlight

InfoEd Proposal Routing Automation

Research Information Systems (RIS), in collaboration with Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), is implementing a proposal routing solution utilizing InfoEd, BMC’s sponsored award proposal management system of record. The new functionality streamlines the proposal development process and allows proactive monitoring of compliance, review, and approvals, among many other benefits.


Research Education

Research Operations seeks input on education

Research Operations is planning new Research Community education development and will list live session and add recorded sessions as they are finalized. Check this section of the newsletter to see what trainings are upcoming. Suggestions are welcome as we would like to tailor training development to your needs. Please submit your suggestions and priorities here.

August 18th is a free national webinar on “F&A Base Year Prep,” sponsored by New York University’s Research Administration Demonstration (RAD) series. RAD organizers engage top speakers from around the country; hundreds of participants attend each month. Register here.

In mid-September, the BMC/BUMC Shared Services team, Clinical Research Resources Office, present: The Principal Investigator Role: What Every New and Seasoned PI needs to Know about the Conduct and Oversight of Clinical Research. This fulfills the Good Clinical Practices PI requirement for three years. Can’t make it? The training is available again in December.  Please note: advance registration is required. Register here.

Click the link below for availability of upcoming sessions.


Sponsored Programs
Administration (SPA)

Timely updates from Sponsored Programs Administration. The Federal Agency Corner provides valuable updates and news to keep you in the know.
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Research Finance

Timely Research Finance updates for the BMC research community. Check back frequently for information on policies, contracts and forms, new processes and training information. Trainings are live and recorded and posted here.

In this issue:

  • Update to computer purchase process for sponsored programs

  • Time and effort certifications for January - June, 2023

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Clinical Research Network

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) is working to improve diverse participation in research by bringing community-
engaged staffing services to high priority, under-resourced trials in service to our researcher and patient communities. Our team will provide updates about how we’re engaging with our communities to improve awareness, understanding, and trust in research through outreach, education and building authentic community partnerships.
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Clinical Trial Office

Clinical Trial Office (CTO) serves as a central resource for principal investigators, study staff and departments involved in clinical research and for sponsors seeking to conduct clinical trials at BMC. Our CTO pre-award and post-award team(s) supports and advances BMC's mission by providing leadership and expertise in Research, Finance and Administration. 

The Clinical Trials Office is re-branding starting with a name change that reflects the institution’s commitment to advancing clinical research.
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About Us:

Research Operations (“RO”) is dedicated to supporting Boston Medical Center’s research mission by offering sponsored research expertise, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and institutional policies, and providing excellent service to researchers and staff – all to advance health and racial equity in our approach to biomedical research and discovery.

RO is comprised of three separate offices, each serving the needs of BMC’s researchers and departments while removing barriers to advance research breakthroughs. RO stands ready to partner with our researchers, departments, and communities to support BMC’s research endeavors. Let us know how we can help you!


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